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  • Book Smart vs Street Smart

    Episode 46: Book Smart vs Street Smart – How Important is Common Sense?

    today’s episode #046 is one of my favorites: Book Smart vs Street Smart – How Important is Common Sense?  In this week’s episode, we will discuss the concept of Common Sense and how impacts your progress.    To get started, lets define Book Smarts, Street Smarts and Common Sense:  Book smarts refer to the education, schooling and other kinds of knowledge that one has acquired. It solely is a theoretical […]

  • Take the Stairway to Success

    Episode 45: 1+1+1=4 – Step 4 – Take the Stairway to Success

    In the last 3 podcasts, we have covered 3 critical components to being able to take the STAIRWAY TO SUCCESS and they include:  Adopt a Success Mindset  Build a Bulletproof Routine  Think Like a Wealthy Person  The journey to SUCCESS is not a straight line; there will be ups, downs, retreats and gaps between achieving goals and making it […]

  • Think Like a Wealthy Person

    1+1+1=4 – Step 3: Think Like a Wealthy Person

    Ever since I was a young man in my hometown of Deming New Mexico, I imagined myself as a wealthy person and seeing myself in a position of financial success and wealth that at the time was so far from being achievable.  Yet, I implanted visions of myself on what kind of person I would be when I achieved financial wealth, […]

  • Build a Bulletproof Routine

    1+1+1=4 – Step 2 – Build a Bulletproof Routine

    In this week’s episode, we will discuss Step 2 of the 1+1+1=4 CONCEPT which is BUILDING A BULLETPROOF ROUTINE to ensure consistency and discipline to make a positive change in your life.      Everyone has a routine, but is it a positive, goal-oriented routine or a routine guided by where the wind takes us that day?   So, why don’t you have a positive, bulletproof routine?   What is your excuse?  […]