How You Answer this Question is Key to Success in Your Life

In this episode, we will discuss the importance of clarity of vision and maximizing the pursuits that will make you successful in your life’s journey.

So, do you know what your vision is in life? Is the vision of YOUR future crystal clear?

For example, we all meet people who have a clarity of vision of their life that is impressive. Here is an example I know well. My brothers vision in life was to be a fireman. No if’s ands or buts since he was a little boy. He fought through the hell of being a volunteer fireman for years, unending training and certification classes, low pay and life-threatening work on his way to his current position of Deputy Fire Chief at NASA. His clarity of vision was crystal clear; there was nothing between him and his vision of being a fireman at the highest levels his entire life.

A clarity of vision is critical to maximizing who we want to be and how we need to get there. It takes dogged persistence and consistency to stay on the right road to our final destination. It often means letting even good opportunities go that could detour us from our final destination. It means doing a lot of what we don’t want to do versus what is easy or seems to be a good opportunity at the time but not in the long run.

So, to gain clarity of vision in your life, I have some steps you can follow:

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