Episode 3: The Power of Being Grateful

The Power of Being Grateful

BEING GRATEFUL is one of the most important elements for success. It’s the key to experiencing life at its best.  Being grateful for your blessings in life is arguably one of the keys that opens the door to a life of success and prosperity.


  • Improves physical health—experience fewer aches, pains and illnesses 
  • Increases likelihood of exercising regularly and making healthier lifestyle choices 
  • Promotes longer, better sleep patterns 
  • Reduces negative mental states—envy, frustration, malice, resentment, jealousy, regret 
  • Fosters strong fulfilling relationships—see more good in others, express more thanks 
  • Improves mental health—increases joy, builds self-esteem, reduces depression  
  • Amplifies compassion, sensitivity, and empathy toward others 
  • Strengthens ability to overcome trauma 

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