Episode 2: Burning Daylight

Burning Daylight


How many of you have heard this analogy before? My Dad was one of the first people I ever heard use the term “Burning Daylight.” He would wake me up at 5 a.m. to get to work at our family gas station and say hurry up, you are burning daylight. I would look outside to only see darkness and say to myself – what is he talking about? Thankfully I have taken after my Dad in getting up early. I believe getting up early is a key to a successful day, week, month, year and life in general. I am up between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. every day and the extra time I give myself (2 to 3 hours) gives me valuable time to focus, to be creative, and to complete those tasks key to enhancing the success of my daily mindset (affirmations, reviewing my calendar, working out, reading 10 pages of a book, writing a new chapter of my book, planning ahead, etc.).

In this episode, I review how to get up earlier, the three steps you can take to actually get yourself up, what to do when you get up earlier, going to bed earlier, and what you achieve by getting up earlier.



2:00 – Study of self-made millionaires

2:35 – Why it’s good to get up early

3:45 – How to wake up earlier

6:15 – How to actually get yourself up earlier – 3 steps

8:50 – What not to do when you get up earlier

9:35 – What to do when you get up earlier

11:00 – Sleep earlier

12:30 – Create a bedtime ritual

12:52 – No devices in bed

13:20 – Exercise

13:55 – If you’re having trouble sleeping

14:55 – The benefits of getting up earlier






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