Episode 12: You’re Too Busy, That’s a Load of BS

Episode 12 - You're Too Busy

Today’s episode #012 is titled Your TOO Busy – That’s a Load of BS. In this episode, we will discuss the rampant belief that being busy is worthy of a medal of distinction.

So, how many times, have you ever said to yourself, “I’m too busy”?

“I’m too busy to meet this person…” “I’m too busy to take care of my health…” “I’m too busy to go back to school…”

“I’m too busy to call someone I care about…”

“I’m too busy to spend time with my spouse or kids…”

We take in a big sigh and lead ourselves to believe that being “too busy” is something worth celebrating and getting a medal bestowed on us.

I’ve certainly been guilty of this BS in my lifetime.

Now, we live in a world of rapid change, infinite access, and countless distractions, our society has built a culture around commending “keeping busy”, for the sake of… well, keeping busy.

But there’s a massive difference between activity and performance.

We can be efficient in a lot of things in our lives, without ever being effective.

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