Episode 20: Own the Day, Own Your Life

Own the Day, Own Your Life

In this episode, we will discuss the importance of owning each day in your journey to your magnificent life.

Each day we are each given 86400 seconds to make progress in reaching our magnificent life.

Owning each day and every second of it to achieve a magnificent life is paramount. What you achieve each day is one more building block that builds your pyramid to a magnificent life.

I watch in utter sadness as so many people just wander through their day with no direction; they let the day take them like the wind versus driving the day in the direction they want. Do you wander through each day or do you own it? Does each have a meaning?

Yet many people look at me and say: Michael, its only one day in my life, why is it so important? Well, its simple, days add up to weeks, weeks into months, months into years and years into decades.

As one of my favorite groups Nickelback sings in their song “If Today Was Your Last Day”: “Each day is a gift not a given right.:

Do you treat each day as a gift and own it? Do you maximize its 86400 seconds?

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