Episode 45: 1+1+1=4 – Step 4 – Take the Stairway to Success

Take the Stairway to Success

In the last 3 podcasts, we have covered 3 critical components to being able to take the STAIRWAY TO SUCCESS and they include: 

  1. Adopt a Success Mindset 
  2. Build a Bulletproof Routine 
  3. Think Like a Wealthy Person 

The journey to SUCCESS is not a straight line; there will be ups, downs, retreats and gaps between achieving goals and making it up the next set of steps on the stairway. 

Too many people believe that if you Adopt a Success Mindset, Build a Bulletproof Routine and Think Like a Wealthy Person that success and wealth will come automatically their way tomorrow. 

Well, hate to tell you but that’s not going to happen and if it does you are a rare individual.  Enduring the pain and failures along the way is really good for you, trust me on this one.     

Envision SUCCESS as a set of steps that go higher and higher and as the level of SUCCESS increases so does the gap between the step where you are today and where the next step and goal you need to reach are on the stairway. 

The space between each step is where you will endure the adversity, desire to quit, multiple failures, lack of confidence, retreats, redirection, loss, etc.   

That’s where making Adopting a Success Mindset, Building a Bulletproof Routine and Thinking Like a Wealthy Person a part of your DNA is critical to keeping you solid and unwavering when all HELL breaks loose.   

You need these concepts to fall back on each and every day and trust them in how they prepare you mentally, physically and financially and build your success one action at a time that will get you from one step of success to the next. 

Its critical that as you take the Stairway to Success you stay true to the vision you are looking to achieve in the future and look to it when things don’t go your way and you are thinking of quitting.  Your vision coupled with your Adoption of a Success Mindset, Bulletproof Routine and Thinking Wealthy will keep you focused when you have lost ALL direction.   

Now, you always hear, and I have said it before, NEVER QUIT and that is a critical maxim to have as who you are as a person.  However, there will be times though when you need to retreat when a roadblock will cause critical setbacks that will cripple you in a way you can’t recover.   

A good example of a positive retreat is like a going to fight a battle with 10 fellow warriors and you find your enemy has 200 troops waiting for you. The setback if you decide to still try to overtake the 200 troops could mean your life and that of your 10 fellow warriors.   Now, if you step back, retreat from this one roadblock and redirect yourself to stay in line with your vision you can still win the war.  Think BIG picture! 

Here are 2 tips to help you make it from one step to the other: 

Tip #1: Find your building and the stairway in it that leads to the top. 
The building is your dream … your passion. The stairway is your action plan – all the steps it will take. You need long-term goals. That’s why it’s important to have one building and one stairway. Everything you’re doing should lead to the top. 

Tip #2: Set medium-term and short-term goals. 
Medium-term goals are represented by a flight of stairs. Short-term goals are each step.  By focusing on these achievable goals, you aren’t intimidated by the long-term goals. They keep you from giving up and going to another building, because you’re seeing progress toward your long-term goals. 

Here are 3 key mistakes people make on the Stairway to Success: 

Mistake #1: Trying to jump to the top. 
People want instant success. Get rich quick. It’s nearly impossible. Ask almost any successful person. They started at the bottom and worked their way up. 

Mistake #2: More than one building. 
You see people who climb a stairway in this building. Then they climb a stairway in another building. They climb a lot of stairs, but they never get past the second floor of any building! 

Mistake #3: Never stopping to rest. 
You need to refresh yourself – give yourself a little treat. Don’t be so eager to get to the top that you never reward yourself for the progress that you’ve made. If you don’t rest occasionally, you’ll wear yourself out. 

Enjoy the ride and ups and downs because when you reach the top of the stairs the view will be nothing short of amazing.   I leave you with this quote: 

Success is not a doorway, it’s a stairway.  Dottie Walters 

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