Episode 22: A Tale of Three Lives…Which One Are You?

Today’s episode #022 is titled – A TALE OF THREE LIVES. In this episode, we will discuss my recent visit to a city and the lives of three people I encountered all in all different stages and conditions.

A benefit of my job is the travel I take and the cultures, companies and people I get to meet, work with, and build long term relationships with each and every day. I see people at their best and at their worst in a variety of environments.
Over many miles of travel, you become a keen observer of people as you watch them navigate through life; I seek to learn from others and take what is good in life as well as what to avoid at all costs.
In my last business trip to the Midwest, I observed 3 different people in 3 different stages of their lives. Listen to these tales, see if you identify with any of them and I hope you take away positive steps to help your life wherever it may be today.

Tale 1 – Life Happens Be Ready

My first tale is of a colleague who I was working for at a customer engagement. My colleague had been the manager for many years and was nearing the time to consider retiring and having the opportunity to do something different.
Two days before my trip to the customer, I received an email from my colleague’s boss that they had parted ways and my colleague was no longer working for them. So, poof, the job was gone and my colleague was unemployed.

I met with my colleague and had a discussion on the unexpected job loss, the concerns it brought and more importantly the amazing opportunities for a new future. My colleague was ready for something new but must deal with the family pressures and concerns of not having a job. They were not as prepared as they needed to be for the sudden loss of employment.

So often when you lose your job it can the best thing that could have happened to you. I wouldn’t be where I am today if the bank I worked for hadn’t laid me off almost 20 years ago. It gave me the chance to change the boring road I had been on for 15 years and take a new winding, bumpy road that has taken me all over the world and given me the chance to build the life I want to lead and not have anyone tell me what I have to do.

But, are you ready for the unexpected? Does it scare you or excite you? Have you thought of what your life could be if you lost your job unexpectedly? Are you financially ready for the sudden loss of your income? Are your family members ready for you to change gears and do something different? Do you have a clear vision of who you want to be?

Takeaway – Be Prepared because Life Happens when you least expect it. Have a Plan B so you can take a new direction and travel a new road. As I always say; be the director of the movie of your life or someone else will be.

Tale 2 – The Bitter Drink of Life

After a long day at work, I am having a glass of cabernet at the bar of one of my favorite restaurants. I sit next to an older man who is drinking a Manhattan and snarls at me when I say Good Evening how are you?

Now when people snarl at me it makes me want to make them smile even more. So, I am on a mission now to make this man smile and I comment on the lack of sun in his city and how I am going to have to go to a tanning salon soon if I stay any longer as not seeing the sun is really bad for someone from Phoenix Arizona.

My comment gets him to smile and we begin to have a conversation. He asks me what I do. I tell him I am a consultant and working at client in his city.

He says to me: I envy people like you who have traveled and seen the world. I have spent 35 years doing root canals. I made a lot of money but I have been nowhere and absolutely detest what I do.

I listened to what my parents wanted me to do and I didn’t change my life when I had a chance. Take a chance when its there for it may never appear again. Search for what makes you smile and not just for what will make you money.

Takeaway: Love what you do or it will end your life well before you leave this earth.

Tale 3 – Consistent & Persistent

The hotel I was staying at has a free breakfast every morning. Typically, free hotel breakfasts are a hit or miss, most of the time a miss. But over the last 3 visits to this hotel, the breakfast has been a hit and it’s all due to one man.

Every morning you are greeted by a well dressed man who is consistent and persistent in his day to day management of the coffee, the breakfast, resupplying food and the cleanliness of the area. He greets and smiles at everyone, helping older folks and little ones with their meals, thoroughly enjoying his work. He is a persistent and consistent individual.

So on my last day, I make it a point to talk to him and thank him for the care he takes in managing his area and how much I appreciate it.

We have a wonderful discussion and in it he makes a key statement:

I make it a personal goal every day to make your breakfast perfect so each of you can start your day off right to help make you successful. I was always taught to do whatever job well no matter how small or large.

Takeaway: Be consistent and persistent in ensuring success of whatever you do every day. It makes a difference to others whether you know it or not.


So, do you fit in one of these 3 tales,? Are you prepared for the unexpected? Do you hate your job or life but don’t do anything about it? Or are you a person who is persistent and consistent in your day to day life ensuring success in all you do no matter what it is.

On your day to day journey be observant and Learn from others and apply what is good to your life. Take time to break away from your technology and engage in the human race. Its amazing who you can meet and inspire you to be a better person.

And remember be the director of the movie of your life or someone else will be….

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