Episode 19: Do You Dress Like a Slob?

In this episode, we will discuss a subject that is near and dear to my heart – Dressing 25% Better than Everyone Else.

Now many people think that just washing their face, combing their hair (maybe) and putting their clothes straight from the dryer is sufficient. Is it? Are you one of these people? Do you even care how you dress?

Since I have been a young man, I have been a clothes horse. I love well-made clothes that make you look and feel like a million dollars. It was always my goal to look my best at all times.

And in my job as the CEO of a consulting company where you work across many different company cultures you need to dress better than everyone else; always at least 25% better.

That’s right, looking just a tad sharper and a bit more polished than everyone else around is a key to success, whether you’re leading a presentation, interviewing for a job, or just looking to impress your peers.

In today’s world, you have 8 seconds or less to make a good first impression and if you dress like a slob, its hard to get past your appearance in those first 8 seconds.


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