1+1+1=4 – Step 2 – Build a Bulletproof Routine

Build a Bulletproof Routine

In this week’s episode, we will discuss Step 2 of the 1+1+1=4 CONCEPT which is BUILDING A BULLETPROOF ROUTINE to ensure consistency and discipline to make a positive change in your life.     

Everyone has a routine, but is it a positive, goal-oriented routine or a routine guided by where the wind takes us that day?  

So, why don’t you have a positive, bulletproof routine?   What is your excuse?  I guarantee if you asked 10 people around you more than 75% don’t have a positive routine they stick by that has become part of their DNA and made a difference in their life.      

People will often say to me, Michael, your routine is too restrictive and its gives you no freedom. Well, in all honesty, having a routine is the just the opposite.  Take a look around you, are you, your loved ones or friends running around in chaos due to no routine.  

My routine gives me great freedom; freedom from being disorganized, freedom from misdirected actions, freedom from going down the wrong path, freedom from wasting time and one of the most important, freedom from the B word that in my opinion is what most people hide behind; B U S Y.  I refuse to say the word. 

Years ago I was a great procrastinator who had great ideas but believed he could everything done at the last minute and didn’t understand that just like the great pyramids of Egypt were built one brick at a time was just like achieving your goals, one day at a time, one action at a time, with a consistent, disciplined routine. 

So how did I develop a bulletproof routine? I created a simple approach to building a weekly routine that I can follow and make progress each and every day. 

I use paper and pencil to buildout my weekly routine.  I create my weekly routine every Sunday before the new week starts.  Using a blank piece of paper in landscape format, I create 3 columns where: 

Column 1 is my list of Weekly Tasks that are prioritized in of these categories. Urgent, Important, Essential and Other.  Urgent are tasks that I MUST do and accomplish or suffer dire consequences, Important Tasks are those that must be accomplished because they are critical to my success, Essential are those tasks that are important but if not completed won’t significantly impact my life and Other Tasks are those I would like to get to but have no real significance.   These tasks are in line with the Future Me I am looking to be.  There are very few tasks that are Urgent but if they are you MUST put everything down and get it down. Expert Tip:  Work on the hardest tasks first and you will make great progress. 

Column 2 is my list of Supporting Activities that need to be accomplished by me in order to be more successful in meeting my Weekly Tasks.  These activities include Time Up, Time to Sleep, Taking Supplements, Daily Workouts, Travel, Golf Practice.  For each of these items, I list the days of the week I am going to complete each of these for; so for Time Up my goal for each day of the week is 430 am so I list M, T, W, T, F, S, S and cross it off each day I achieve it. For Workout, I set a minimum of 4 days and list M, T, W, F and mark off as I complete it.  Expert Tip:  When you start out don’t try and accomplish everything 7 out of 7 days; be happy with accomplishing 25%, 50%  and more as you progress.  4 to 5 days of workout is sufficient for me so listing 7 days is unreasonable for me 

Column 3 is my Notes where list anything I experienced that week that learned from and could help me do better next, etc. Expert Tip:  Its great to go back and see notes you made from prior weeks, months or years and see what you learned or were thinking. 

A consistent, disciplined routine is the big difference maker between successful people and the coulda, woulda shoulda group of people.  Each positive task completed builds momentum and changes who you are in so many different ways. 

When you start out, you may not achieve 100% of the Weekly Tasks or Supporting Activities. But what if you achieve 25%, then 35%, then 75% every week, where you will be will all you have achieved? Every brick you add to your completed list builds success and the power of positive attraction.  I am a testament to the value of a consistent routine, daily success builds lifetime success.  Remember that. 

So, in closing, here are 7 reasons you need a daily routine: 

#1 Creates Structure in Our Lives, Eliminates CHAOS 

A daily routine provides structure and a logical sequence in our lives. It provides the framework within which we live our lives and conduct our daily activities. Soon we become familiar and comfortable with what we have to do each day. It allows us to experience a flow to our day. 

#2 Saves Time, Your Most Valuable Resource 

Time is the most precious asset at our disposal because, once lost, it is non-retrievable. By following a routine, we free up time that would otherwise be spent on planning, decision-making and preparation. Our routine has predetermined our schedule, allowing us to use our time efficiently. 

#3 Instills Good Habits and Breaks Bad Habits 

The secret to building good habits is repetition. When we design a personal routine that works for us, it facilitates developing good habits by encouraging us to repeat the same tasks over and over again. Just like brushing our teeth every morning, adhering to a routine allows us to foster habits that match our goals and aspirations. 

#4 Helps Us Become More Proficient 

When you have a routine, you start to become better at doing certain things because you do it regularly. That is one of the keys to mastering any skill. Think about something you are skillful at. More likely than not, you developed your skill because you have performed the task over and over again. Practice makes perfect! 

#5 Helps Us Get the Most Important Tasks Done 

When we carefully design a personal routine and stick to it, it allows us get the most important things done first and out of the way. There is no room for forgetfulness or neglect. Because the most important tasks have been predetermined by us, as long as we follow our routine, we know that we will complete what is important and not spend time and effort on frivolous things. 

#6 Builds Momentum 

As we all know, when you do the same things repetitiously, it builds momentum, making it easier to persist. That is why going to the gym gets easier the more frequently you do it. Momentum is a huge factor when it comes to ensuring success and following a routine helps build that momentum. 

#7 Builds Self Confidence 

When we adhere to a routine and stick with it, it helps build self confidence and gives us a sense of tremendous satisfaction. That provides us with the ‘fuel’ to continue our routine and reap the benefits associated with it. And a lack of self-confidence is one of the main reasons people find it difficult to change their lives for the better. 

In closing, when we slack off and fail to follow our predetermined routine, it is a clear sign that we are falling short. It is an excellent way to monitor our progress. We can subsequently make adjustments and get back to following our personal routines while having the confidence that we are on the right track again. 

Keep in mind that it is fine if you decide that you only want to follow your routine on weekdays and not on weekends, or if you have a different routine on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, etc. It is also perfectly okay to set aside certain times to do nothing. The point is that you have thought about it carefully and are mindful about your choices.  

After all, having a routine is nothing other than a conscious choice to live your life in a certain way through healthy repetition. It is one of the keys to success and happiness. 

I leave you with this quote from Nietzsche as to why a routine is so important: 

“At bottom every man knows well enough that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time.” 

A solid routine will maximize your one time existence on this earth…. 

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