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  • The Law of Atttraction

    Episode 9: The Law of Attraction

    In this episode, we will discuss “The Law of Attraction” which is one of life’s biggest mysteries. I personally believe is one of the important laws to achieving success. Very few people are fully aware of how much of an impact the Law of Attraction has on our day to day life. Whether we are […]

  • Episode 8: The Power of Discomfort

    Today we’ll discuss the Power of Discomfort and the importance in plays in being a lifelong partner in helping you achieve new levels of success. Discomfort is your friend not your enemy. Discomfort is defined as: dis·com·fort disˈkəmfərt/ noun 1. slight pain.”the patient complained of discomfort in the left calf” 2. synonyms: 3. pain, aches […]

  • Episode 7: Sleep for Success

    Episode 7: Sleeping for Success

    How many of you got up still yawning, not feeling rested, in a bad mood, and needing coffee to stay alert? How many of you know that you’ll be nodding off or even falling asleep at work today? Or are you one of those lucky ones that only need 3-5 hours of sleep at night, […]