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  • Burning Daylight

    Episode 2: Burning Daylight

    GET UP EARLIER, YOU ARE BURNING DAYLIGHT. How many of you have heard this analogy before? My Dad was one of the first people I ever heard use the term “Burning Daylight.” He would wake me up at 5 a.m. to get to work at our family gas station and say hurry up, you are burning daylight. I […]

  • The Daily Mindset

    Episode 1: The Daily Mindset

    Before you got into your car today, took Uber, used the train, took a plane, etc. to get you to your destination, you had pre-determined where you needed to go, how to get there, what you needed to take with you, and how long it would take to get there well before you got on your mode of transportation. […]

  • Grinding It Out -Cover Art

    Podcast Introduction: Grinding It Out

    Welcome to the first episode of the Grind It Out Podcast!  Throughout all my travels and life experiences I’ve learned that there is a magnificent life for each of us, no matter where you are in your life, what has happened to you, and what the definition of a magnificent life may be for you. A magnificent life […]