1+1+1=4 – Step 3: Think Like a Wealthy Person

Think Like a Wealthy Person

Ever since I was a young man in my hometown of Deming New Mexico, I imagined myself as a wealthy person and seeing myself in a position of financial success and wealth that at the time was so far from being achievable. 

Yet, I implanted visions of myself on what kind of person I would be when I achieved financial wealth, how I would dress, how my family would live, how I would help people, where I would travel, what kind of car and house I would have and would actually see the balance I wanted to achieve in my bank account.   

I was blessed that my father subscribed to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and other financial mediums that gave me a chance to read everything I could about what it looked like and took to be financially successful. I ingested and learned everything I could; I remember buying my first stock when the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 700 and its now 28,000! 

I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon.  My first car was a $500 1962 Rambler, I have searched in couch cushions for change to buy food, I lost 7 figures in my divorce, had to recreate my credit from the ashes and started work at the age of 12 not by choice at my Fathers gas station where I was given 2 weeks vacation annually and treated like every other employee.  

People often think wealthy people magically got the gene on how to manage and invest their money; that’s so far from the truth.  Today, people often dislike wealthy people to the point of hate yet wealthy people fuel the growth and support of our country.  Yes, we pay taxes and we are not immune and actually pay our fair share or more.  

The opportunity to become wealthy is one of our country’s greatest gifts yet few people seek to take advantage of it.   So, whats the difference in mindset between how you can think like a wealthy person versus a non-wealthy person: 

Uninformed Person Informed Person 
I work for my money I have to put my money to work for me 
Money is evil and corrupts Money gives me freedom and ability to not to have compromise my beliefs 
Getting rich requires luck and connections Getting rich requires me to hard work and change my life 
I need one way to make money consistently I need multiple streams of income and a diverse portfolio  
I can only save after whats left after I pay the bills I pay myself first (20%) and create a budget based on the 80 percent 
I should earn according to my job description I should earn according to the effort I am wiling to put in 
Making money means dealing with people I don’t like Making money means aligning myself with people who bring me energy and joy 
I need to wait for financial opportunities to come to me I need to make my own financial opportunities right now 
I don’t have time to check statements or balances I don’t have time to make up a preventable loss  
I have to be smart. I have to have a good idea, surround myself with experts and advisors and never give up. 
Being rich is a privilege. Being rich is a right to anyone willing to create value for someone else has 

The greatest gift wealth has given me is the freedom of not having to wait and lose time, our most valuable resource. Its also given me the opportunity to pay it forward, give my family a wonderful life, change people’s lives and see generational changes that will become of it.  Its also permitted me to give my son a great education, send him overseas to college and not have him worry about college debt.  Ultimately, its given me the chance to live life to its fullest because our life is not a dress rehearsal.     

I leave you with the following quote:   

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” 

Ayn Rand 

Think Wealthy and You will Become It.  Its your right, I speak from experience….  

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