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  • 3 Steps to Climbing the Wealth Pyramid

    Episode 30: 3 Steps to Climbing the Wealth Pyramid

    Today, we will discuss the concepts of the wealth pyramid and the steps to reaching its pinnacle.  The Wealth pyramid is a concept that encapsulates 5 different levels of wealth from the lowest (Level 1-Debt) to the highest (Level 5-Wealth & Impact); it’s a concept that we should be teaching our young people throughout their school years. It’s a critical concept that if you […]

  • Episode 29 - Excellence is Boring

    Episode 29: Excellence is Boring

    Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs, Today’s episode #029 is titled Excellence is Boring. In this episode, we will discuss a few lessons regarding excellence. Lecon un (Lesson 1), Excellence is Boring. Think of that day where you did everything you wanted to in terms of being disciplined. Now imagine doing that every single day. Going to […]

  • Episode 28: My Life is Spinning Out of Control, Help Me!

    In this episode, we will discuss the steps to getting your life back in control when all hell has broken loose and your running with your hair on fire.  So, is your life out of control right now?  Is it pure chaos?  All of us experience this awful feeling every now and then because no matter how much self-development you do, there is going […]

  • Episode-27-5 Steps to Transforming Your Life

    Episode 27: 5 Steps to Transforming Your Life

    emetanoia   PRONUNCIATION:  (met-uh-NOI-uh)   MEANING:  noun: A profound transformation in one’s outlook.  ETYMOLOGY:  From Greek metanoia (a change of mind), from metanoein (to change one’s mind). Earliest documented use: 1577.  USAGE:  “You’ll need to rethink everything. Here you’ll need to resort to old-style metanoia, to radical rethinking and alteration.”  Alois Brandstetter (Translation: Peter & Evelyn Firchow); The Abbey; Ariadne Press; 1998.    […]