• Rachel Herrera Nominator Form 2019-20

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  • The Reality of Success

    Lessons from the darker side of success that few discuss.

    Episode 39: The Reality of Success

    Hello Fellow Humanoids, today’s episode #039 is titled – THE REALITY OF SUCCESS. In this episode, we will discuss the REALITY of SUCCESS and its dark side.  We all strive for the gratification that comes with achieving success in life. For me, I get a natural high from the simplest tasks to the biggest wins—everything! I am achievement and success orientated in every aspect of my life.     But, there are the not-so-glamorous aspects as well. The truths […]

  • Episode 38: 7 Steps to Eliminate Excuses


    We all know people who use excuses to get out of everything related to being a responsible adult (and I mean everything!). The worst part is, they have done this for so long, excuses are now a deeply embedded part of their personality.  We used to gently nudge them toward ways to solve their excuses so they would stop holding themselves back, but they have the market cornered. Seriously, it’s an impenetrable […]

  • Episode 37: 98% of You Will Die and Not Achieve Your Dreams

    Episode 37: 98% of You Will Die and Not Achieve Your Dreams

    98% of You Will Die and Not Achieve Your Dreams.  This is one of the harshest facts I have encountered, but it is unquestionably accurate. At first it seemed impossible to agree with, but the more I see society’s entitlement mentality, the more this fact becomes true. The reason this fact is true is even more shocking.  Let’s get something straight; I was a member of the 98% club until April 1999 […]

  • Episode 36: Running Your Own Business is Like Being a Professional Athlete

    EPISODE 36: Running Your Own Business Is Like Being a Professional Athlete

    Running your own company is immensely gratifying but also terrifying. There is no better feeling than watching your vision take off and become a living, breathing entity that changes your life and those around you. I believe running your own company is like being a professional athlete. Many of us look up to professional athletes, […]

  • Episode 34: What You Say Can Hurt You


    Have you ever had a slip of the tongue?  Put your foot in your mouth?  Or had that moment when we wish we could take back something we’ve said?  Communication experts agree that our vocabulary contains many word traps that can impact how we are perceived by others and destroy our credibility.  What is interesting is these words are […]