Episode 35: How Bad Do You Want It?

Episode 35 - How Bad Do You Want It

Hello World, today’s episode #035 is titled “How Bad Do You Want It”? 

If I asked you right now to rate how bad do you really want to change your life on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being a maybe and 5 being all in.  Where are you at; be honest with yourself because most people go through their lives as 1 or 2.  They let their lives and everything around them dictate what happens to them. 

Think of this scenario.  You are out swimming in the ocean when a rogue wave unexpectedly hits you and takes under.  You are drowning and nearing your last breath. How bad would you want to breathe?  Probably more than anything in your life. 

If you want to succeed you MUST it as bad you WANT to BREATHE.  The problem with many is that they don’t want success as bad as they want to breathe.  There are a 1,000 or more reasons people don’t want it bad enough: 

  • Tired 
  • Circumstance 
  • No Money 
  • Too Young 
  • Too Old 
  • No Reason 

In other words, a whole host set of reasons that are just BS…. 

If you want it, you must: 

  • Make the Choice to Make the Change  
  • Want it More than Sleep, Watching TV, Spending Time with Their Friends 
  • Have a Sense of Urgency 
  • Have a Vision, Goals, Action Plan and Routine   
  • Commit to Massive Change (> 100%) 

If I gave you $86,400 dollars every day and you had 24 hours to spend all of it or you lose it; you would do everything in your power to spend it so you could maximize its use.  So, why do we waste the 86,400 seconds we are given every day?  Look at your life today; are you wasting it or using it wisely.   

If you want it bad enough, you will spend every one of the 86,400 seconds in a way that will make the change you want in your life.  If your mind can conceive it your mind can achieve it and it all comes down to how bad do you want it.   

You must visit your future in your mind every day and use that to help drive how bad you want it.  You MUST become obsessed with improvement in yourself.  You MUST say to yourself I will do whatever it takes.    

I see people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk and it’s downright maddening especially when they ask for your help.  I can’t give you the GANAS (WANT) as we say in Spanish.  Get over your lame excuses and get after it.    

People where are you failing and KNOW you need to make a change right here right now? I have been there and knew if I didn’t make a change in my relationships, my finances, my fitness, I was going to fail miserably in my life.  Quit choosing to be mediocre; being mediocre is accepted as the new norm.   

Many people believe that those who are operating at a higher level of success are cut of a different cloth.  Well, I’m here to tell you, we are not cut from a different cloth; we just want it more than you and we have mastered two things: Being Consistent and Being Persistent.  

You are your own worst enemy to killing your dream.  Quit being afraid of risk and build a strong mindset.    

So, stop limiting yourself today, come and join the rest of us who taste success, take risks and endure failures in our abundant lives.    

Get Out There, Get After It and Want It More than Breathing…  

Remember Every Struggle is a reminder of the question…How Bad Do You Want it?   


“If it is important to you, you will find a way. 
If it is not, you will find an excuse.”






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