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  • Episode 39: The Reality of Success

    The Reality of Success

    Hello Fellow Humanoids, today’s episode #039 is titled – THE REALITY OF SUCCESS. In this episode, we will discuss the REALITY of SUCCESS and its dark side.  We all strive for the gratification that comes with achieving success in life. For me, I get a natural high from the simplest tasks to the biggest wins—everything! I am achievement and success orientated in every aspect of my life.     But, there are the not-so-glamorous aspects as well. The truths […]

  • Episode 35 - How Bad Do You Want It

    Episode 35: How Bad Do You Want It?

    Hello World, today’s episode #035 is titled “How Bad Do You Want It”?  If I asked you right now to rate how bad do you really want to change your life on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being a maybe and 5 being all in.  Where are you at; be honest with yourself because most people go through their lives as 1 or […]